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Reinvest Fleet Earning with Continuous Multi-Asset Exchanging

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Reinvest Fleet Earning with Continuous Multi-Asset Exchanging

CMAES as a tax deferred IRA for your Business Assets

The dilemma that every business owner faces is how to maximize the profits of their business and minimize their taxes.

Individual Retirement Accounts and retirement plans are an excellent example of the power of compound investment returns free of annual taxes. An investor places$ 5,000 in an IRA every year for 16 years (total investment $ 80,000) and the fund grows to $ 140,000 without the annual tax burden.

Likewise, Continuous Multi Asset Exchanging (CMAES) allows businesses to reinvest their fleet earnings from the sale of assets into new assets. In the following example a company sells 20 trucks per year at 44% of the original purchase price and reinvests in new trucks. The Company reinvests 100% of the sale proceeds into additional equipment, rather than paying taxes. Assuming a new truck can earn a net profit of $25,000 after expenses, the Company earns an average 102% rate of return.

For more information how CMAES can assist in increasing your after tax returns, contact Steve Robison at or call at 1.800.427.7212.

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