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Build To Suit Exchanges

1031 Exchange Services

Build To Suit Exchanges

Build to Suit or Construction Exchange involves the acquisition and construction of property within the Exchange period. Many times the client will wish to build real estate improvements, such as a building, rather than purchasing an existing property. This might include a specialized building that may not already exist, or it may be constructed less expensively than if purchased outright.

Why would I need a Build to Suit Exchange?

You are able to defer income taxes on gains from the sale of property. You can build and receive exactly what they want in the exchange. Lenders are increasingly familiar with build to suit exchanges and are open to treating a construction project as an exchange, especially since they know you will have more cash due to reduced taxes. You will work closely with the Intermediary and the contractor to make sure that the construction deadlines are met.

Things You Should Know

The number one reason why exchanges fail in the first 45 days is that the client is not satisfied with the kind of property that is available. Many clients would continue with an exchange if they could build exactly what they want, even if it is on their own property. Generally, if improvements are constructed on property already owned by the taxpayer, the transaction is unlikely to be treated as a 1031 Exchange. However, new rulings have opened the possibility of constructing improvements and still qualify as a tax deferred Exchange.

Is This Exchange Right For Me?

A build to suit Exchange is right for those who wish to build improvements to real estate during the Exchange period and reduce or eliminate income taxes on the gain from their sales of similar properties. This may be used to build a unique building to simply obtain more value for your exchange proceeds.

How To Get Started

Call our office at (513) 412-3481 or toll free at (800) 427-7212; our exchange coordinators are ready to discuss whether this type of exchange is right for you and how to get started. You may want to have your project details handy when we discuss your potential Build to Suit Exchange. These type of exchanges can be handled either as a purchase with construction after your initial sale or before the sale of your property.

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