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Tax guarantee

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At Strategic Property Exchanges, we guarantee your Like-Kind Exchange by performing the following steps:

  • Review your long term goals.
  • Design a strategy to accomplish your goals.
  • Implement Like-Kind Exchanges Strategy.
  • Review Transaction Documents.
  • Safe Guard Funds in Qualified Escrow Account.
  • Monitor Like-Kind Exchanges.
  • Available for Consultations at Any Time.
  • Prepare Tax Forms.
  • Prepare Tax Opinion With Legal Authority Cited.
  • Prepare Audit Ready Tax Package For Future Reference.

Tax Opinions and Private Letter Rulings

On May 18, 2005, the IRS clarified the rules governing lawyers and accountants who practice tax law before the IRS, with the regulations taking effect on June 20, 2005.

These rules state that any written advice on any transaction whose purpose is the reduction, elimination, avoidance or evasion of any tax (including income tax, corporate tax, and estate tax or gift tax) must adhere to specific guidelines to protect the taxpayer from tax penalties which can be as high as 40 percent. The opinion must be written by a tax practitioner “knowledgeable in all areas of tax law.” An opinion by an advisor without that background will not protect the taxpayer.

Authoritative Opinions from a Certified Tax Law Specialist

Attorney Stephen L. Robison, the founder of The Robison Law Firm and Strategic Property Exchanges, LLC, is a board-certified tax attorney and issues tax opinions to many clients on a variety of transactions and issues that may otherwise be “deal-breakers” because other parties will not indemnify against certain risks or assume the liability themselves. Our firm’s tax opinions give clients the protection and peace of mind that they need in the face of IRS scrutiny.

Our family of Strategic Tax Services ensures that your 1031 exchanges are structured and carried out according to the IRS Section 1031 regulations.

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