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Tax Litigation

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Tax Litigation

Tax Audits, Appeals, Litigation.

Representation of a client before a tax agency goes far beyond filing a power of attorney and meeting the agent. Representation involves deep subject matter expertise and extensive experience in dealing with agents over a lifetime to gain the best result. Our tax attorneys have significant long time expertise at all levels of the government.

Why does this matter?

In structuring an exchange, we know what the IRS is looking for and how to defend an exchange successfully. Our strategies are based on long experience and expertise, not by perusing the internet.

Tax Opinions and Private Letter Rulings.

We provide tax opinions backing up our advice and strategy to protect our client's from IRS challenges to their transaction. Our firm’s tax opinions give clients the protection and peace of mind that they need in the face of IRS scrutiny. Upon request, we prepare Private Letter Rulings with the IRS to gain advance approval for areas that lack guidance.

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