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Tax Planning and Services

Our Services

Tax Planning

Whether your time horizon is next week, next year or the next generation, we can design the best strategy for your transactions by obtaining the best tax result, including structuring the transaction to obtain the lowest rate of tax, as well as the lowest tax or no tax.

Tax Planning for Individuals

You work hard for your money. Now what should you do with it? Retirement planning, home purchases, business start-ups, real estate investments, college savings and other possibilities abound. How can you structure your affairs to minimize the dollars that go to the government?

We can help you examine the tax impact of various investments and savings options. Remember, the best accountant can do only so much when it comes time to file your tax return. They can only report the activities that you took for the past year. You need to think ahead and plan your financial moves throughout the year so that when tax time rolls around you owe less in taxes.

Tax Planning for Small Business

As an entrepreneur, you have responsibility for running a successful business as well as providing a livelihood for your employees and a future for your family. Just because the dollar values are smaller does not mean there are fewer tax concerns for a small business than for a Fortune 500 company. In fact, given the advantage many small businesses have with the availability of pass-through taxation (by way of partnerships, LLC’s and S corporations), there are often many more tax issues present for the small business owner. Many tax-saving opportunities are passed up each year by small business owners that did not take the time to contact a tax attorney.

While there’s a chance you’re already running your business in a “tax optimal” fashion, the chance is miniscule. Small business owners are often surprised at how structuring ownership, operations and transactions in slightly different manners can result in large tax savings. We will help identify tax-saving opportunities provided under both US and international tax law. Remember, these tax savings increase your bottom line, providing more wealth for you and your family and more security for your employees

The Unique Role of Section 1031 in Accumulating Wealth in the United States

  1. Section 1031. As we are all aware, Section 1031 provides that, upon the sale of real estate related business or investment property and purchase of qualifying property, the Owner of such property may properly defer the taxable gain that would otherwise be paid on the sale. This of course includes numerous caveats as to certain statutory and regulatory requirements.
  2. Defer Taxes. A taxpayer generally will avoid recognizing gain and being taxed in a like-kind exchange if his Replacement Property has a purchase price equal to or greater than the selling price of his Relinquished property.
  3. The crucial connection here is:
    1. With proper planning Business Owners and Investors can substantially reduce the amount of taxes paid on the gains from the sale of their real estate related business property and investment properties;
    2. That Taxes represent the single largest single factor in which individuals can control the erosion of their accumulated real property assets.

Tax Services

In addition to exchange services, our tax attorneys have significant experience in the areas of Tax Planning, representing taxpayers before Federal, state and local tax authorities, business transactions including the formation, operation and windup of business entities, as well as the acquisition and sale of assets and business units.

Why is this important?

Because in structuring exchanges, there are often significant non-exchange issues that need to be resolved as well. You deserve superior advice and guidance along with your exchange services.

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