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Tax Forms Prepared

Our Services - Tax Planning

Tax Forms Prepared

Our comprehensive services include all tax and regulatory requirements.

For Individuals and Businesses

  • 1099 reporting for real estate, certain amounts of precious metals and on january 1, 2012, all tangible property in excess of $600.00
  • Form 8824 is used to report the completed like-kind exchanges.
  • Form 4562 is used to report annual depreciation expense.
  • Schedule M-1 is used to report differences between book income and like-kind exchanges.
  • Circular 230 requires disclosure of tax reporting positions which may be subject to interpretation by tax authorities.
  • Tax Opinion protects clients from IRS challenge, penalties and interest thereon.

Additional Requirements for Businesses Only

  • Schedule M-3 is used to specifically identify differences between book income and taxable income, such as like-kind exchanges.
  • Schedule UTP is used specifically identify tax positions that are aggressive or have a 50% or less chance being sustained if contested, such as poorly planned exchanges.
  • FASB FIN 48 specifically identifies on financial statements those tax positions that are aggressive or have a 50% or less chance of being sustained.
  • Sarbanes Oxley for the proper reporting of depreciation.
  • Fixed Assets. We provide Fixed Assets services as part of our repetitive equipment exchanges.

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