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Why Choose SPEx

Why Choose SPEx

What additional duties does SPE perform?

We recognize that our clients are busy with their own businesses and lack in depth expertise in the area of Section 1031 Exchanges, so we take full responsibility coordinating for details and tax impact of each and every 1031 exchange.

As lawyers, board certified Tax Specialists and Exchange Experts, we are well equipped to coordinate the various issues in the purchase and sale of business assets with the members of your team. These issues include real estate issues, Uniform Commercial Code issues, Intellectual Property issues as well as Tax Issues.

We act as Timekeeper, proactively guiding and advising clients stay within the statutory time limits;

In our Exchange Manager Program we handle all the details so our clients can stay focused on their business.

We act as a Guide, advising clients and their advisors, as to the proper tax structure and types of 1031 Exchange and we stand behind all of our advice with our legal malpractice insurance;

We act as Guardian, safeguarding the client’s assets during the exchange, taking every available precaution available in the market today;

We act as Tax Advisor, preparing tax forms 8824 and 4797 as well as computing depreciation expense for our 1031 Asset Manager and LKE clients.

We act as Teacher, providing educational seminars to the general public;

We act as Advisor, providing monthly guidance to keep our clients and friends updated as to changes in the law; and

We act as Innovator, providing new tools and methods to better utilize existing business assets, investing in new assets, conserving cash flow and reducing income taxes.

What can you expect?

  • Daily Monitoring
  • Identification of the best type of exchange to meet client goals
  • Customized management reports
  • Technical support and other services related to the Exchange services
  • Proper tax structure
  • Computation of depreciation expense

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