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Using An Escrow For Your Funds

Exchange Basics

Funds in Escrow

Strategic Property Exchanges, L.L.C, All States 1031 Exchange Facilitators, and Midwestern Exchange, Inc. safeguard Exchange Funds with a Qualified Escrow Account with its depository Banks.

Each Qualified Escrow Account is:

  • Opened in the name of the Client and under their tax identification number; and
  • No withdrawal may be made without the express written direction of the client and confirmed by our depository bank.
  • All funds are 100% FDIC insured;
  • All accounts can be established in less than 24 hours.
  • No fees or charges to set up Qualified Escrow accounts.

Please note that for foreign property exchanges overseas, qualified escrow services may not be available. Please allow additional time to open overseas accounts.

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