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Tools to Help You Meet Your Exchange Goals Prevent Errors & Promote Security

The Exchange Manager provides a secure password protected internet portal for clients to access all information for each of the multiple Exchange transactions, including documents, bank accounts, contact information, matching of exchange assets, email alerts and measurement of corporate goals.

  • Separate bank account for each exchange
  • 24 hour access with secure passwords
  • Automated financial accounting of funds and expenses
  • 100% FDIC coverage available
  • Sample escrow report (for Multiple 1031 Exchanges)

Our Exchange Manager integrates the client’s financial data with our Section 1031 Exchange Taxable Boot Calculator to alert our staff and the client as to potential tax impact of the specific transaction and to take remedial action.

A weekly Quality Control check ensures that all documents are executed properly; control dates are not missed; and bank transactions and balances are accurate.

After the final closing date the financial data is uploaded into our Tax Software to prepare all the appropriate forms. We fully automate the upload of data and all appropriate calculations, including MACRS and AMT depreciation, short year, and jurisdiction dependent requirements.

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