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December 3, 2019

When Affordable Housing Amenities Meet Opportunity Zones
By Tanya Sterling

BOSTON—If you are a housing developer already located within an opportunity zone, you might as well enhance the area even more and do things that can help the community and its residents, says John W. Gahan III, a partner with Sullivan & Worcester, a locally-based international law firm. “Open up community rooms, host job fairs, conduct workforce training, buildout a child care center, and generally find ways to give back to the community.”

Why? The most successful affordable housing developers are the ones who do the best job for their residents by providing amenities and services that add to the quality of life of those living in their developments. That advantage is turbo charged when a developer of low-income housing, within a defined opportunity zone, sets up a computer center for residents. It creates a natural mix between opportunity zones and affordable housing, Gahan tells Read more.

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