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February 25, 2019

Governors grapple with housing woes felt throughout nation


Market Watch
By Dorothy Mills-Gregg. Feb 25, 2019

WASHINGTON — From Vermont to California, governors and housing associations agree Americans in rural and urban areas are facing a housing affordability crisis.

While governors did not hold a formal discussion on housing challenges during the National Governors Association annual winter meeting, they agreed residents are feeling the sting of rising rent and housing costs because the country is not building enough homes.

Democratic Gov. Tim Walz of Minnesota said his residents are having issues at all price levels and it's affecting young families. His state also has to work on maintaining existing buildings.

“So in one place, the builders tell us the rent's too high because if I build, I'm not going to be able to fill 'em with these folks who can't afford it,” Walz said. “On the other end, they say the rent's too low, that nobody's used to paying more than $800 a month or what it might be.” Read more.

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