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May 22, 2020

Here are the States that Can Best Weather the Pandemic
By Les Shaver

With a health crisis and an economic crisis raging at the same time, picking the most resilient markets is hard. You can't just study economic statistics. You also need to cull the health data and look at the impact of the stimulus.

Omar Eltorai, market analyst at Reonomy, has done that and says he knows what areas can weather this storm. “The cities and markets that have fared much better have been those which have experienced a milder health crisis in terms of cases of COVID-19, the strain on their local healthcare system and the reaction of the local consumer and economy,” Eltorai says.

Eltorai studied COVID-19 cases data, labor force statistics, state GDP by industry and the price parity across states to measure the relative impact of a hypothetical $1 of stimulus.

“Based on the cases seen to date and the composition of their economies and labor force, I believe some of the best positioned markets are in North Carolina, Missouri, Ohio, Arkansas and Kansas,” Eltorai says. Read more.

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