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May 22, 2020

Why One StrategistSsays These Hard-hit Stocks will Rebound


By Steve Goldstein

There has been a yawning gap for some time between growth and value stocks, and the coronavirus pandemic has only widened the disparity.

James Solloway, chief market strategist at investment manager SEI Investments, expects that to change — soon.

“There are periods where leadership changes in a drastic and dramatic fashion, and they usually correspond with the bottoms, or the near-bottoms, of a recession following a period of accelerated deterioration in those asset classes. And that is precisely what we have seen this year with small caps, value stocks and emerging markets,” he said in an interview with MarketWatch.

Solloway said he expects that shift to come when traders see more signs of the economy opening up.

“We have to gain a certain amount of confidence that whatever second wave is lurking out there, is not going to be as terrible as the initial one. And on that score, I'm actually rather confident,” he said. Read more.

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