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June 11, 2020

Dollar Store Demand Takes Off As Investors Seek Safe Havens
By Kelsi Maree Borland

Dollar stores have become an investor favorite during the pandemic. These discount chains have historically performed well during economic uncertainty and economic downturns, and as a result, private investors are flocking to opportunities. Dollar store and net lease investment experts Tony Anderson and Richard Brehaut of James Capital Advisors have sold five of these assets during the pandemic.

“You don't find a lot of corporate tenants that are investment grade with 15-year triple net leases that you can purchase at a strong yield,” Anderson, director of net lease at James Capital Advisors, tells about why dollar store assets have surged in popularity. “When you have these characteristics in place, it becomes an attractive property for a lot of investors. Dollar General is typically recession proof. If the market is doing well, dollar stores in general are going to do well. If the market isn't doing well, then they are definitely going to do well. They can weather any environment.” Read more.

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