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July 26, 2019

Tax Lawyers: Your Second Pair Of Eyes In The Real Estate Business with Stephen Robison


The Real Estate Syndication Show with Whitney Sewell

In the real estate business, you will encounter numerous documents and operating agreements during the home-buying process. Going through each one of them can be very tedious, so we hire advisors like CPAs and lawyers to take care of the paperwork for us. However, these advisors can't always keep on top of quick changes. This is where tax lawyers like Stephen Robison step in. Stephen is a board-certified specialist in Federal Taxation Law by the Ohio State Bar Association and President of Strategic Property Exchange, LLC. Tax lawyers are your second pair of eyes that will review every document to make sure that what the clients want to accomplish actually gets accomplished. If you want to know more about what tax lawyers can do for you, you have to listen to this.

Watch the episode or listen to the podcast here.

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