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45/180 Day Calendar


45/180 Day Calendar

Use the tool below to calculate when the Identification and Exchange Periods end for a given closing date. Please note that this does not take into account the Exchanger's tax filing date (see below).

Identification Period (45 days) ends:
Exchange Period (180 days) ends:

A Section 1031 Exchange mandates that the Exchanger:

  1. Identify replacement property within 45 days from the closing on the sale of the relinquished property. This is known as the "Identification Period".
  2. Close on the replacement property within 180 days from the closing on the sale of the relinquished property, OR the due date of the Exchanger's tax return for the taxable year in which the relinquished property was exchanged -- whichever comes first. This is known as the "Exchange Period". Therefore, any taxpayer with exchanges starting after October 15th will have to file an extension with the IRS in order to take advantage of the whole 180 day period.

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